About Us

Pro Blog Shop is company who focuses their services around the needs and demands of business owners and professional online marketers.  At the end of the day, we know our clients are blogging for one reason… to make a money.  Unfortunately for most people getting started in the online world, there is a huge learning curve coupled with a lot of misinformation.  They hear all these buzz words like social media marketing, blogging, and Search Engine Optimization and blindly more forward in search for the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. 

The reality is that having a blog and facebook account isn't going to magically make you money.  There has to be a purpose behind these tools and a sales process to convert your traffic to sales.

Our service focuses on seven key areas that are designed around results, not gadgets and gizmos.  We incorporate sales page templates to convert visitor, data tracking to measure results, and make sure your website is properly seen and understood by search engines.  We also focus on damage control and security to prevent hacking or down time.

About Our Blog

Our blog is divided up into three main sections:

  • WordPress – WordPress is powerful content management software we use in our blog installation service.  To help our clients get past the learning curve we have provided hours of video tutorials and articles on how to use their website.  We also post troubleshooting problems here as well.
  • Online Sales and Marketing – Posts under this category include a variety of related topics and ideas business owners use to increase their sales.  Topics include social media marketing, search engine optimization, and developing sales copy.
  • Online Business Essentials – This category discusses other business topics outside of sales and marketing.  Topics include things like time management, personal development, and legal considerations.

Live Webinar Events

We frequently host live webinars for our customers as a direct support line for them to troubleshoot technical problems or discuss furthering their business.  Furthermore, we open up our events to the public as well, so even those who have not purchase our blog installation service can participate in the discussions.  To sign up for an upcoming evet, become a subscriber and you'll start receiving invites in your email.


We understand that not everyone can make it to our live webinars.  That's why we records and post them through a podcast.  Take our lessons on the road by downloading them to your ipod.

Online Community Forums

Furthermore, you can still get your marketing and blogging questions answered in our forums.  Please keep your comments appropriate, but by all means, put us to the test.  Let us know how we can help you further your business.

Customer Support

Many of our blog posts are specifically for our customers.  We want all our clients to love Pro Blog Shop and do what we can to help clear up any questions they have through blog posts.  We also let them know of software updates and security issues as they arise.

Meet The Founder

For the past eight years Scott Turner has been a full time entrepreneur and business consultant, working primarily in the online marketing sector and financial services industries.  In 2009 he founded Pro Blog Shop to help meet the needs of the small business owners in a struggling economy.  Pulling from his extensive business, web development, and online marketing knowledge, he successfully created a winning website solution any business owner can step into.


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