WordPress Site Maintenance and Site Backup

Wordpress Maintenance and file backup

WordPress updates it's software often and it's important to continue running the latest versions when possible.  Being able to do update WordPress yourself is going to be an important skill to learn if you want to cut down on time and web developer expenses.  This video goes the basics … [Read more...]

Splash Page Template Pack 1.0 Just Released

Hey everyone! We just released the Splash Page Template Pack!  Start creating sales and capture pages now with this simple to use and FREE plug in! You can download the plug in here!  Be sure to watch the video to find out how to install and use it.  If you have any questions, … [Read more...]

Splash Page Plugin Announcement

Wordpress Splash Page Plug In Screen Shoot

The Splash Page Plug In Is Now Released! CLICK HERE To Download It For FREE! Great news everyone!  We've had such an amazing response to our Wordpress Splash Page Template Pack and the FCK Editor Updates that we are going to make them official plug ins.   Coming In Late May look … [Read more...]

Using A Blog To Brand Yourself

brand yourself with a blog

The Internet is pack full of swindlers and peddlers out to make a quick dollar.  How can anyone make sure you are not in that category?  The truth is they can't ( And I do sincerely hope you are not ). When it comes to making money on the Internet, people need to know they can trust the … [Read more...]