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Hello and welcome to Pro Blog Shop, the premier blog installation services focused on business owners and their bottom line.  Were not interested in providing minimums, we only provide maximums.  Our aim is to equip every customer with a dynamic business tool that increases their marketability and their profits. 


Let's Get Real, A Blog Isn't Going To Magically Make You Money!

I know I'm rocking the boat here, but let's get real.  While a blog provides you with amazing income potential, it's not going to magically put money in your back account.  There are other dependent tools and resources you'll need to generate sales.  A successful blog incorporates search engine optimization, social media, sales pages, careful data analysis, security measures, and a professional image.  Our blog installation service takes all these important considerations into account, bringing a truly unique and complete solution to the online business owner

We've Identified Seven Key Focus Areas  Of A Profitable Blog

Our blog installation service focuses on seven key areas that are essential to maintaining a profitable online business.

Presentation Social Media Optimization Security Branding Consistency
Search Engine Optimization Sales Process Admin Usability  


When we speak of presentation we are addressing the end user experience.  These elements include the design of your website, incorporating multimedia, and user feedback like commenting.  Our blog installation service comes ripe with features designed to wow your visitors and instill confidence, reliability, and trust in your business. 

First off, we are a firm believer in first impressions.  With today's online market being highly competitive and sophisticated, the visual design and layout of your blog are one of the top priorities of our blog installation service.  We've chosen to work with studiopress, who has been producing stellar designs that immediately put "amateur" out of visitors mind. 

The next priority of our installation is to ensure your blog engages your visitors.  Web 2.0 is a concept that came around a couple years ago and is now firmly established as a rock solid way to increase visitor loyalty.  In short, it takes what was normally dull, standard text, and makes it interactive.  Commenting is a web 2.0 example.  Another example is visitor recognition or features that can suggest related articles your visitors might also enjoy.  These kind of features encourage visitors to ask questions, stay longer on your site, and check back often for site updates.

Finally, multimedia is now an inescapable part of a successful blog.  YouTube, Viddler, and other video hosting companies integrate seamlessly into your blog.  Images are another media element that are important to capture your readers attention.  Images can say a thousand words as the saying goes, so it was important that we include a image manager that helps you upload and store your images.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most of you are familiar with the term search engine optimization.  It's the idea of strategical structuring your site to gain a high page ranking.  When done properly, the majority of your site traffic will come from your optimization efforts.  There is literally an entire industry based around this one subject, which makes this seem like a daunting task.  The great news is we get you half way there, making sure search engines can easily find your website and stay compliant with website standards.  We also configure your site to speak "spider" language, which instructs search engine crawlers where they can go, how often to check back for updates, and how best to index your website.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Like SEO, social media optimization is the idea of strategically utilizing social networks to cascade your content, ideas, and products throughout the Internet.  Most companies want to skimp out on integrating these features, but we understand their vital importance for long term business success.  Not only do we incorporate the social media giants Facebook and Twitter, we also include a content syndication service called OnlywireOnlywire is a powerful piece of software that posts a link  on all the top social media sites back to your new site each time you make a new blog post.  Not only does this inform all your contacts that you have valuable new content, but it also puts a link back to your site which is amazing for search engine optimization discussed above .  

Sales Process Integration

At the end of the day, sales are the only thing that count in business.  It's one thing to attract a plethora of visitors, it's another thing all together converting those visits to sales.  I've not seen one blog installation company address this obvious business element, and it baffles my mind.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with a sales letter.   They have a catchy headline and describe the features and benefits of a service.  In the online world, they are known as squeeze pages or splash pages.  Statistically, these simple, one column, plain pages out perform traditional web pages every day of the week and are absolutely essential to sale conversions.  We provide several squeeze page templates for you to chose from to address this element of the sales process.

Also, it seems everyone always wants to leave out data analysis, primarily because it has to do with numbers and charts.  But come on, your a business owner now, reading the numbers are what's going to make you a good company or a great company.  They show you where you fail and where you succeed.  In addition to installing the famous Google Analytic software, we also incorporate Google's latest software, Optimizer.  Google Optimizer lets you split test different pages of your website so you can identify which pages are the most effective.  Obviously, this increases your conversion rate and thus, your bottom line.

Sales Copy is another industry all on it's own, and unfortunately expensive to outsource.  The science of an effective sales letter has been well documented though, and we definitely wanted to pass on that information to our customers.  The 12 Step Fool Proof Sales Letter provides a simple, step by step process to develop an effective sales letter that is sure to increase your conversion rates.


Unfortunately hacking is a reality that online business have to deal with.  While wordpress offers may user friendly features, they trade off security.  We help revert those trade offs and lock down your site as best as possible.

Admin Usability

Controlling expenses is an element that is often overlooked by many blog installation companies.  Simple things like controlling your site navigation, resizing images, and styling your content are things that many bloggers have to outsource.  We made sure to include features that eliminate these extra expenses. 

Branding Consistency

I'm sure all of us are familiar with branding.  We can recognize a company by a logo, color scheme, or slogan.  There are two keys to instilling these immediately recognizable traits.  First is obvious, a unique look and feel.  The second is consistency.  Users need to see the same brand on all the marketing you do.  The more they see your brand, they more they trust you, the more they'll turn to you for their needs.  While this does take more time to develop, it's an essential part in separating your company from your competitors.




"I am so happy I went with ProBlogShop!  I am a novice at wordpress so ProBlogShop's install was a huge time savings and definitely worth it.   

I was very satisfied with the theme Problogshop installed and now I just edit and make necessary changes to my blog. 

Problogshop's turn around time is efficient to say the least.  I had a request in to Scott one day and the next my blog was up and ready to go.  Thank you ProBlogShop!"
– Cristin Roberts


"Everything went very smoothly and  I was able to start blogging that same week."

".. I'm already starting to see results."

– Ed Hyslip



"I have serveral online products and services I opporate.  The social media syndication has been a key factor in helping me manage my time and resources. "

"…Pro Blog Shop has saved me countless hours of work and has given me the tools to increased my bottom line."  – Patrick Riddle


"They [Pro Blog Shop] were so patient with me.  I really appreciate their willingness to help get me up to speed."

– Kristina Hund


"I had no idea how to market my website. Pro Blog Shop taught me how to use my blog with facebook and search engine optimization to reach more customers. My traffic has soared in the past few months."

-Mary Christensen


"If I had to pick one thing that stands out it would definitely be the ease of use. I almost didn't purchase the service because I was afraid I wouldn't get it.  After watching the videos though, I caught right on.  I'm very happy with the service."

– Mike Wilcome


Presentation Features

Silver Install

Gold Install

Platinum Install

Professionally Designed Studiopress Theme (view themes)
Multimedia Manager – easily manage images, video, pdf, and other media files
Contact Form – Comes with a default contact form, but you'll have the ability to create any kind of form you want.
Threaded Commenting – this allows others users to comment on comments, allowing for visitors to talk to each other and you.
Breadcrumb Navigation – helps your visitors easily recognize where they are at on your site.  It also helps with SEO
Featured Contact Gallery – Displays a dynamic photo gallery that takes visitors to a featured blog post / page you choose
Global Translator – Market globally with this translator
New Visitor Recognition – This feature knows who is subscribed to your website and who is not.
Article Suggestion Software – This feature suggests related articles your viewers may be interested in
Navigation Set Up – Give us your pages and blog categories and we'll set up them up for you.  All you'll need to do is add the content.  

Search Engine Optimization Features

All In One SEO Pack –  Assists you in maximizing your blog efforts by providing a unique page title, description, and keywords for each page and blog post you make
Configure Customizable Permalink Structure –  Converts your urls from to
Install Our List of 50+ ping sites that are notified each time you make a post
Configure XML Sitemap for Search Engines
Install robots.txt file to limit search engine indexing on your admin section
Set Up Google Webmaster – Provides valuable feedback on how Google reads your site  

Social Media Optimization Features

Onlywire Syndication Integration – Automatically posts a link back to your new blog posts on all the top social media Website
Facebook Bookmarking Button – Let's visitors easily share you blog posts on their Facebook profile
Twitter Bookmark Button – Let's twitter uses easily retweet your blog posts
Latest Tweets Widget – displays your latest tweets right on your website
Google Friend Connect
Connect With Me Widget – provides links to all your social media profiles using the respective logos, not text
All In One Social Media Bookmarking Button – Lets visitors share your posts on other top social media sites
Facebook Fan Box  

Sales Process Integration Features

Splash Page Templates (Several Templates To Choose From)
12 Step Fool Proof Sales Letter – Step by step sales page template.
Install Google Analytics  
Google Optimizer Integration – Let's you split test sales pages to verify which works best  

Security Features

Configure Akimest Anti-Spam Software
Automated Database Backup
Advanced Cookie Sessions – prevents session hijacking
Modify Default Admin User
Remove WordPress Version
Rename Default Database Table Names
Install Log-in Lockdown – prevents brute force attacks

Admin Features

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor – Better control over your content
Drag and Drop Page Order
Exclude Page From Navigation –  You don't always want your pages to appear in the main navigation
Auto Thumbnail Resizing – Helps you generate thumbnails on your home page without photo editor software
Reveal Page / Post IDs

Branding Features

Custom Sub-Domain Forwarding – for example, with forward users to your Facebook profile. forwards users to your twitter profile.  This makes it easy to let people know how to connect with you on your social media networks    
Custom Header    
Custom Color Scheme    
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We Back Up Our Service With A 100%, No Questions Ask, Money Back Guarantee!

We believe this is such and amazing value, we boldly and proudly offer you an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.  If your not completely satisfied with your installation, just ask for your money back and walk away from the deal.  What do you really have to loose at this point? 

"I was exceptionally happy with the quality and speed of Pro Blog Shop's Service!"  So much so that I've used them twice.  I would recommend this service to anyone looking to take their online marketing seriously"
– Debbie Turner

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"Pro Blog Shop went way above and beyond what I thought I was getting.  They even stayed after hours to help get my blog ready for a webinar I was having the next day.  Thanks guys."
– Jeanne Vandermeer

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"I just finished building the first Energy Star home in my area.  The paper was going to do an article on my business and I needed a website FAST.  I wasn't expcting much, so I was very suprised to recieve so much in so little time.  Thanks Pro Blog Shop"
– Lucas Robert

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"Their [Pro Blog Shop] customer service was excellent and responsive. 

I would definitely recommend their services and will use them again for my future projects"

– Dean Perrone



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Chances Are You Have Some Questions As Well.

What Makes Your Company Different?
Mainly, we don't charge outrageous fee's and "upsell" services just because our clients are ignorant about the process.  Hey, I'm in business too, and I know what if feels like to spend a thousand dollars on something, only to find I could have gotten the same services for a fraction of  the price.  

How Are You Able To Offer All These Features At Such A Low Cost?
Our approach to website development is simple:  If it's already done, don't re-invent the wheel.  We've combined a unique list of free and low cost software that allows us to deliver a powerful, cost efficient service.  

If You Use Free and Low Cost Software, Does This Mean The Products Suck or Are Buggy?
Absolutely Not!  In fact, over 11.4 Million people have trusted their websites with the software we use.  It is extremely reliable, flexible, and it is constantly being improved, which means you'll also receive updates and additional features as they come available.  

What Happens After I Make My Purchase?
After we confirm your payment, you'll receive our getting started email that provides you with a link to our getting started form.  This form will gather all the necessary information required for us to install our services.  At that time, you'll also receive access to our Quick Start Video Series so you can be ready to rock and roll when you receive delivery of the service.

What If I Want To Customize The Look Of My Website?
Many of our customers want to modify the look of their theme to match their business colors or add in a custom header.  All of our themes are designed with this in mind, making them simple and cost effective to modify.  We charge a very reasonable price of $200 for a custom header and site redesign to match your colors and personal likes.

Do You Add In The Content Or Do I?
One of the biggest benefits of our services is the fact that we provide you with a simple way to add and update your own content.  This one feature can quite literally save you thousands of dollars a year.  A web developers time is expensive, and adding your content is easy to do!  At the end of the day, yes, we can add your content for you, but keep in mind this falls under the custom work category, so you'll be charged $50 and hour for us to do so.  Let me recommend this!  Instead of having us exclusively add your content, purchase an hour or so of CONSULTING TIME.  This way, you can ask questions, see what we're doing, and learn at the same time how we are adding your content!  It's a win – win situation for you that way.

How Long Before I Get My Website Back?
After we receive the required information from you, installation usually takes 48 hours.  Sometimes we do become absolutely slammed, in which case, it might take 72 hours. 

If Your Still Reading This, I'm Going To Assume You're Serious About Getting Your Business Online.  So Now That You've Seen All The Features and Got Some Basic Questions Answered, Here's Another Opportunity To Get Started


Sorry, We Are Not Currently Accepting New Customers At This Time