Increase Blog Traffic – Suggestions for New Bloggers

eMarketing tips and strateiges on how to increase blog trafficOnce you have your blog up and running, you may be wondering why nobody is visiting or why only a few visitors seem to show up. It is normal in the beginning to have low traffic statistics. After all, it is a new blog. However, after your blog has been up and running for 90 days or more, if you still aren’t getting traffic it’s time to take a look at what you could be doing better. The secret to a successful and popular blog, no matter the subject or niche, is to increase blog traffic and encourage conversation with your visitors.

To increase blog traffic, you first have to let people know you are there by building your own community around your blog’s topic. You can do this by finding other blogs with similar subject matter and cultivating a relationship with those bloggers. Commenting on other blogs, especially if they use a plug-in or otherwise allow back links to your blog, will help draw visitors to your site. By regularly contributing to their blog via comments, you encourage them to visit your site and learn more about you. You also encourage their readers to get interested in you and your blog.

Another successful avenue to increase blog traffic is the use of social media. Participating in big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Tumblr, Digg, and StumbleUpon can have a tremendous affect on your site statistics. These sites allow you to share snippets of posts, news about contests, and attention grabbing titles to help drawl readers to your blog. The best part about using social media to bring traffic is that it is absolutely free. All it costs is a little bit of your time and in many instances such as with Twitter, tasks can be automated.

Aside from participating in the blogging community and using social media, there are many other opportunities to increase blog traffic. Simple things such as adding a link to your blog to your e-mail signature or to the signature you use on various forums can likewise bring in site visitors. As you cultivate relationships with other bloggers, opportunities will present themselves for guest blogging spots, which can also provide a serious traffic boost, especially if you guest post on a high-traffic, high profile blog. Participating in blog tours is another inexpensive way to attract new readers to your blog. These are just a few of the many options available to boost traffic to your blog.

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