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This tutorial uses the theme's provided by Pro Blog Shop and is specifically for Pro Blog Shop Customers.


Main Landing Page Template - WP TutorialWhat Is The Main Landing Page Template?

Your blog installation service comes with several different page templates including one called the Main Landing Page.  This page is set as your home page by default but is also commonly used under a page called "My Blog" or something similar. The design and layout of your Main Landing Page varies of course, depending on the theme you chose.  However, they each have settings used to specify the content you want displayed on that page.

Customizing The Settings

To modify your Main Landing Page Template Settings, log into your admin area.  Under the Appearance Menu is a linked call "[Theme Name] Options". Here you'll find several settings used throughout your theme, including the options for the Main Landing Page.  Look for descriptive settings like "Home Top Left", "Home Top Right", or "Home Bottom".  They should corrispond to the layout you chose. Select the category you'd like to display, how far back it should go, and the size of the thumbnail you want to use. Now that we know how to select and control the Main Landing Page content, let's take a look at how to provide each blog post with a unique description and thumbnail.

Providing A Unique Post Description

Next to each post displayed on the Main Landing Page is a description of what that post is about.  To specify what that description is, use the Excerpt field when editing a post.  If you leave the Excerpt field blank, the first first sentences of the blog post are used.

Providing A Unique Thumbnail

The Main Landing Page also allows for each post listed to have a unique thumbnail next to the description we just discussed above. To begin, upload the image you want to use through your media library or by using the Insert Image feature of your editor.  After it uploads, copy the Image URL it assigns to your image.  (ex: While editing your post, create a new Custom Field called "Thumb".  In the value of that field, paste the url you copied above.  IMPORTANT: Before you save this, erase everything from http://  through the .com of your sitename.  Your value should look something like this (/wp-content/uploads/image/yourimage.png)


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