Online Business Essentials – Must Haves

Online Business Essentials – Must HavesWhether you plan to launch a business exclusively online, or your plans include development of a web presence for your brick-and-mortar business, there are online business essentials that are integral to every kind of business. Naturally, you need a website with the most polished professional image possible. However, just having a professional website is not enough. You need to have the ability and the know-how to market your business online. As such, there are certain tools and services you should consider essential to your online marketing plan. Many of these tools and services are universal to virtually any business using the Internet as part of their daily business operations.

The first of these online business essentials revolves around customer contact information and e-mail marketing. There are dozens of e-mail marketing services and auto responders available. These services capture customer contact information such as e-mail addresses, generally using an opt in feature,  so that you can communicate with potential customers to demonstrate your expertise, announce special offers and limited time deals, and further extend your marketing message. Given that the average customer requires a minimum of seven instances where they are exposed to your marketing message before they are willing to buy from you, using e-mail marketing to stay in front of your customers is very beneficial.

Once you have your website and your e-mail marketing services established, the next item on your list of online business essentials should be analytical site tools. Visitor tracking, page views, browser specifics, as well as referral information cannot be gathered using analytical site tools. These tools tell you where your customers came from, how long they stayed, what pages they viewed, and where they went when they left your site. This information is invaluable in determining what marketing efforts are working or where you need improvement.

Other online business essentials may vary depending on your specific industry and business model. These might include webinar or tele-seminar recording services, event registration software, or e-commerce solutions. For some businesses, essentials could very well include various social media applications. Depending on your business, you might need all of these services. Likewise, depending on how you plan to keep the books for your business, you might also need online accounting software and or invoicing capabilities. However, many of these services can be added as needed and most offer trial periods so you can determine whether the tool is truly essential to your business. 





    I recommend MailChimp as an excelent (and FREE) autoresponder for newbies. 
    AWeber is better for professional marketers because it allows simple-optin form that have a better conversion rate than double-optin forms….

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