Setting Up A Static Home Page

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Today we are going to take a look at how to change your home page to another one of your choosing.  We are also going to show you how to move that beautiful blog layout you currently have to another part of your website called  In other words, we are "moving your blog" to and adding our own custom home page content instead.  Let's jump right in:


  • From Your Admin Area, Click the Pages link to get a listing of your pages.  Your install comes with a page already set up called Home.  (If you no longer have this page, create a new one, or if you already have a draft you can continue using it.  The the notice below)
  • Change the page Attributes ->Templates, value from "Main Landing Page" to "Default" or another template of your choosing.
  • You can now go in and edit the page as usual.  The content you provide will display on the home page.


You can choose to use any page you want as your home page, and at anytime, by going to your admin area,
Settings->Reading->Front Page Displays->[Select the "Static" option]->Choose the page.


  • Now that we have our home page set up, we need to set up our blog page elsewhere.
  • Create a new page and provide the title you want to display in your main navigation menu. (ex: My Blog)
  • Customize the URL if you want (just below the title by the way)
  • Scroll Down to the Page Attributes section and change the template to "Main Landing Page".
  • That's It!  Not more editing required.  Just hit publish and reorder the pages.


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