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Hey everyone, here's the cliff notes from the video:

Please note, this tutorial is based on the blog installation service provided by Pro Blog Shop.  Your situation may vary slightly.

Using The Featured Content Gallery Plug In - WP TutorialSummary of The Featured Content Gallery

This WordPress plug in creates a rotating image gallery of your posts or pages for use anywhere within your theme.  In the case of our blog installation service, your theme uses the plug in on the "Main Landing Page", page template.  When a visitor clicks on the picture, they are taken to the corresponding post or page.

Editing The Settings

To edit the gallery settings, log into your admin area and go to Settings -> Featured Content Gallery. Here you can customize a multitude of settings, most of which are self explanatory and worth exploring.

Specifying What Content To Display

There are two methods to choose from when deciding what content to display in the featured content gallery: Select Latest Posts By Category This method is selected by default and recommended for most users.  As of July 2010, the default category is "Featured".  On installations prior to that, the default category is uncategorized.  Essentially, this method tells the plug in to take the latest posts in a specific category. Select Individual Posts This method is unique in that you can also choose to display pages as well as blog posts.  This is particularly useful for those who are running sales pages or want to direct traffic to some place other than a blog post.  Unfortunately, this method also requires more hands on time because your required to manually update the list each time your want to make a change. Now that you know how to tell the plug in what posts to display, lets take a closer look at how to associate an image with your post

Finding An Image

For Starters, you'll want to find an image that will fit nicely in the gallery.  To find what dimensions to use, visit the Featured Content Gallery Settings Page.  Here you'll see what size the gallery is set to.

Uploading The Image, Locating The URL

Using either the Media Library Tool or the Insert Image feature from your editor, upload the image from your desktop.  After you upload the image, locate the Image URL that it provides and copy the entire thing to your clip board (ex:

Add the Custom Field

The final step is adding the custom field that associates the image with the post.  While editing your post, scroll down until you reach the Custom Fields section.  In the Name section, type "articleimg".  This phrase will never change and should be availible from a drop down list once you input it a first time.  In the Value field, paste the full image URL you copied from the step above.  Be sure to click the Add Custom Field button in the lower left part of this section.


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  1. kathy says:

    OK Scott,
    I understand the way you insert the featured content.  Vid was very imformative.  My problem:  when the pic comes up on the featured plugin, all you see is my friends arm and my bossom!  How do I change that?

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